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Steve Alabi

Steve Olayinka Alabi is Chief Executive of Mc.Rufus InterActive ». He is a co-founder of Coat of Many Colours Africa. His business interests span Marketing Communications, Publishing, Tourism, Web Technology, Social Media Management and Multimedia Productions.

He is a lifelong learner of the sciences which has been his love from secondary school, the arts which became the foundation of his business and professional life as well as new technology which constantly fascinates him to explore more deeply everytime

Steve Alabi is committed to inspiring and training the younger generation to be achievers and creative leaders. He constantly uses his energies to transform the world around him, by public appearances, in house training and the fusion of traditional and social media to empower his target audiences. His straight-from-the-heart, common sense approach, passion and excitement inspire audiences to move to the next level despite their current situations.

As a Creative Designer, Steve has cumulative post qualification experience of over thirty five years spanning advertising, graphic design, print production and publishing industries.

He is a dedicated designer who has created imaginative design solutions in the areas of custom corporate identity schemes, corporate newsletters, advertising campaigns, animations, multimedia presentations, websites, brand collateral and more.

He has worked as creative, production and quality control manager in the printing industry using the top of the line digital printing equipment for several years.

As a website designer / developer, he designs dynamic, static and data driven websites as well as mobile applications. He also creates flash and GIF animations for training and web applications.

Steve is a practicing Catholic and publisher of The Beacon International Catholic Magazine », one of the very first laity religious publications which he started and has been running since 2002.

Through Coat Of Many Colours Africa » programmes, Steve and his wife support families and children with learning disabilities who have suffered for too long to have the hope of a brighter future. The Foundation has impacted many lives in Ghana and Nigeria.

He is married to Anthonia and has 4 children and grandchildren

Upcoming Events

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Postponed Engagements

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, all public engagements and group/corporate training involving more than 20 persons are suspended until further notice.

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Dare To Be The Best...Getting The Best of College Education

Postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

There's so much talk about getting a college education. Shouldn't the students know the great extras to be acquired during the period?
This is a talk to fire up students…

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Creative Teaching of Basic School Science (Accra)

March 10, 2020

There's more to teaching science than stuffing pupils with facts. That was precisely what we did. This is because unconnected theories flows like rain water right off their backs.

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Turbo Charge To Excel 2020 (Lagos)

February 19, 2020

Turbo Charge To Excel 2020 was an electrifying session to prepare participants to make great exploits, no matter their current situation.
Participants learned time-tested principles to help them reach beyond…

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Loaf 'n' Crunchies Branding and Marketing Masterclass (Lagos)

February 19, 2020

It was fun having the Branding + Marketing = Sales Masterclass for Loaf 'n' Crunchies, Lagos.
We covered several topics from product development, business value chain, packaging, brand differentiation, brand…

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Lucky You! You Have A Reason To Be Here
Presentation at University of Lagos 2019/20 Freshmen Orientation

  February 12, 2020

Out of 60000 applicants, you happen to be part of the about 15% who got admitted. By now you must have realised that you cannot exist here in isolation and…

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Training Programmes

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Personal, Corporate & Product Branding Basics

I will share with you how to optimise your businesses with branding. Every day and everywhere, we hear people talking about their “brand” and branding. Celebrities turned the term “brand”…

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How To Deliver Excellent Customer Experience Instead Of Customer Service

Many businesses think customer service and customer experience are the same. How wrong. Customer experience impacts feelings and emotion, and encompasses the entire customer journey and their perception of your…

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For Teachers: Creative Teaching of Basic School Science

There's more to teaching science than stuffing pupils with facts.
This is because unconnected theories flows like rain right off their backs. We need to help pupils discover nature, stars…

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For Teachers: The Purpose of Education

Differing opinions about the purposes of education never seems to end. Should young people become educated to get prepared to enter the workforce, or should the purpose of education be…

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Have You Got The Guts

It is true that all successful people have guts. You can call it courage, audacity, or bravery. In fact if you ask some of them, they will tell you when…

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